About LSI Scheduling Solutions

About Us

LSI Scheduling Solutions is uniquely positioned to bring you the finest APS technology with the most experienced APS implementation team in North America.

Most manufacturers recognize that, in order to compete in today’s fast changing world, they need an APS solution that addresses their unique needs. They also recognize that most APS solutions on the market do not work, cannot work and will never work.

APS is all we do, and our team can proudly claim that we have implemented successful APS solutions in over 150 manufacturing sites in North America.

What makes LSI Scheduling Solutions unique?

Everything we do is built around our ability to understand your unique requirements. In many cases our detailed knowledge of many industries, makes this easier.

By asking difficult questions and focusing on your problems we avoid wasting time. We ask the difficult questions from the first time we talk to you until we have completed your full-blown assessment. We never claim that we can solve all your problems, but we do claim that we will be up front with you about what we can, and cannot, do for you.

Our experience tells us that one of reasons that APS implementations fail is because of the temptations to do too much too soon. We work hard from day one to help you focus on delivering the most important results in the shortest amount of time. This process, or what we call our methodology, is what helps us build long-term partnerships with each of our customers.

What makes PlanetTogether unique?

PlanetTogether is the worlds’ only true Multi-User, Multi-Plant APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software solution.

Why is this important to you? It gives you the ability to schedule your production at the micro level (you the ability to assign a separate scheduler for a specific area of your plant) and at the macro level (you have the ability instantly synchronize your overall supply chain).

PlanetTogether delivers Excel like simplicity by providing you with the tools you need to compete in today’s dynamic manufacturing environments. Built to integrate with your ERP and MES applications we provide plug and play solutions for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, Aptean Ross, and many others. It is important to understand that PlanetTogether massively enhances the effectiveness of your MES solution which is a critical component of any Smart Factory and IOT strategic initiative.

  • SAP ERP SAP By Design
  • Aptean Ross ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamic APS
  • Oracle APS Intergration
  • QAD APS Software