Optimize production with Advanced Planning & Scheduling provides increased capacity and fast ROI


You’ve guided your organization through one of the biggest cost-cutting periods in corporate history. Now your resolve is growing more profit centers. Your factory floors are one of the best places to begin the process. Support your supply chain team in upgrading their master production planning and detailed production scheduling efficiency with the latest and most powerful technology platform: PlanetTogether APS, enabling Industry 4.0 in today's Smart Factories.

Best of all, PlanetTogether deploys in a rapid three months and pays for itself in six — a hardworking productivity hero on your balance sheet.

"On overtime labor costs alone, PT’s APS paid for itself inside of six months."

- Knapheide Industrial Equipment

Get More Out Of Your Manufacturing Assets

Management of your production capacity may be your bottleneck for higher profitability. Manual planning approaches often lead to low utilization of key equipment due to excessive clean outs and setup which consume valuable time and reduce your throughput. Scheduling mistakes also lead to material shortages that starve resources causing lost output, lost sales, late penalties, and higher expedite costs. Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems automate the process of maximizing the output on your production floor so you are achieving the highest possible return on assets in your manufacturing business.

Work Flow = Cash Flow

Using Excel for production planning and scheduling? If your team is struggling with such manual processes then you are losing the opportunity to streamline flow of orders through the shop and to your customers. An APS system will route work to the right people and machines at the right time and in the most efficient production sequence to get more done on-time at the lowest unit cost. This leads to faster delivery, shorter lead-times and higher profitability.

Struggling To Predict Cash Flow And Shipments Every Month?

How can you predict your cash flow if you don't know what's going to ship each month? By upping your technology platform to utilize Advanced Planning and Scheduling software, your entire company will have clear visibility as to what orders will ship when. This means greater predictability for your customers, the shop floor, the customer service team, the sales team, your executive team, and your board. Production planning and scheduling software unites everyone in your company around a single version of the truth in terms of shipping plans and priorities. More visibility, greater predictability, higher efficiency, and less operating stress for everyone.

ROI via APS Increased Capacity Guide for CFOs

With PlanetTogether Scheduling, you'll create better production schedules much faster with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you'll know that commitments made will be commitments that are met.

Proof of Concept Proves ROI While Mimimizing Risk

Our Proof of Concept (PoC) subscription model allows you to prove the good IT fit while it also determines ROI forecasts. In most cases, PlanetTogether APS is paying dividends within the first year; in some cases, as little as six months.

Optimize production, increase capacity with a fast ROI

Before you Commit to a subscription...

PlanetTogether APS has a Free Trial offer for key staff. With our APS system, you'll create better production schedules much faster. Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you'll know that commitments made will be commitments met. Try it out!

CFOs can often lead the APS charge!

CFOs have a responsibility to shareholders topotential for invest in technology that offers ROI. APS can achieve ROI in as little as six months in some cases, but most often, within the first year.

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  • Aptean Ross ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamic APS
  • Oracle APS Intergration
  • QAD APS Software